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Website realized on CMS Wordpress

Why not make a wordpress website?

If your future site is a landing page, a blog or any other simple site that is not planned to be developed, then you can stop reading.

What is wordpress? This is the engine that was originally designed for “Blogs,” that is, this system was not originally intended and does not intend to be a store, accounting system and other more or less sites that are exposed to network loads. In spite of this, a huge number of plug-ins have already been written, which “with one keystroke” turn the site into an online store.


All this would not be anything, at least for the "owner" of the site, until the moment comes that you need to add something. Something to add is to write or download a plug-in, besides the fact that, after the introduction of a new plug-in, which was downloaded on the Internet, something might break, or a new security hole could appear, which are not a few.


Further, when the project develops, a bunch of plug-ins appear, and here the most interesting begins. The engine is so arranged (procedural programming style) when loading any page of your site - ALL PLUGINS are loaded, this primarily affects the download speed, so that the site starts loading faster, you need to at least find the plug-in that is the most “curved” and just disable it, well if this plugin does not carry a part of the necessary logic, for the full operation of the site.


I do not argue that maybe there are normal plug-ins written by people who know their business, but still, this is a system for Blogs, as an example, when tying «Zhiguli, though you don’t add it, it will remain Zhigul.


Constant updates of the WP engine versions, from developers, often lead to the fact that if the site owner did not make a copy of the site to his computer, then now he will definitely do it. After such "improvements", a plugin can fall off, the layout starts to "float", the sending forms do not work ... and so on. And yet, in almost every update, there is a description of what has been updated / changed, the most frightening are the items like “Such-and-such vulnerability was fixed ...”, and it is not known how many of them are still there, or added.


Many people are attracted to “freebies”, such as installing a plugin and why do I need a programmer. Well, if the installation of the new plug-in ended in luck, at least it may seem that way to you. If not, then in any case, you will contact a person who knows his business. As long as you search for the right person, your online business will be “deactivated”. Time is money.


You decide to use the "universal solution" for your business, or have a project that is tailored to your requirements and nothing more.

Every person should do their own thing.

Create a wordpress website - the wordpress engine is misused