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Automatic update of prices on the site. Parser development

Parser development

Recently, the topic of “automating business on the Internet” has been very relevant, ranging from automatic processing of orders from the basket to chat robots, with which you can solve some issues without human intervention.

When there is a question of filling a web resource with content, many people think about how to get rid of the “copy-paste” routine work? For example, you have to fill the online store with goods, the number of which amounts to hundreds or even thousands of pieces. Of course, you can shift this task to the content manager, spending not a lot of money.

Suppose you did, after a few weeks your resource is finally filled with the necessary content! But here you begin to understand that while the site filling specialist has completed the entire amount of work - the prices have changed! You are starting to receive orders for freshly-added goods and you have to explain to each client that the price is not relevant, but in the meantime, not satisfied customers start writing reviews wherever possible.

After such unpleasant situations you start looking for a solution, how to automate the control of prices and goods on the site? Of course, you come across this, maybe not everyone understands the term - "site parser".

And so what is Parser? This is an opportunity in automatic modes, according to a predetermined schedule, to perform copying and / or reconciliation of data, while maintaining the required format.

With the right approach and the natural design of the parser, you can achieve the desired results. Your e-business will take care of itself. For example, every day check with the site (sites) of suppliers of prices for goods, if necessary, update them. You can also implement the function of automatically adding new product items, if any.

Very often popular sites, especially message boards, become "donors" of new projects, using someone else's content for a quick start. In terms of SEO, this is not good form, copying someone else's material, but not doing such things a new project risks never getting its first visitors from organic traffic.

Frequently, many giant sites use protection against parsing, which makes it possible to weed out some novice programmers who do not know how to cope with protection against parsing. It is natural to bypass the protection of an experienced programmer is not difficult.

In order to order a parser, you must have a list of links of sites (site) from which you need to receive information, as well as indicate which types of data from the resource you are interested in. You should also understand the degree of responsibility when copying other people's materials.

The cost of the parser can vary, depending on the complexity of the data you need.

✰✰✰ Automatic updating of prices on the site. Parser development