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Booking system for real estate company WBREA

Booking system for real estate company WBREA The site has been designed using the modern Yii2 frame ram.

Constantly refined with new modules and functions. The system for internal use, is used for the selection of real estate manager for the client.

1. The system is designed using a Yii2 framework. 
2. The possibility of completion of any modules and functions 
3. Separation of roles (manager / admin in the future, you can add more roles, such as a client)
4. All changes (create / edit / delete) are recorded in a separate tab; you can track who deleted, who created or edited the records. 
5. Creation of inter-related records (city, developer, new building, additional options, etc.) 
6. Adding to the customer base. 
7. When selecting a property for a client, it is possible to save the history of the search, view, what the client was interested in. Further use of this information for marketing purposes. 
8. The database is automatically filled using Google API

link: newdevelopment.wbrea.com

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